Rachael Parker

 - Senior Nurse

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What is the most rewarding thing about your role?
The most rewarding thing about being a Practice nurse is the ability to provide a continuity of care throughout the life span, to be able to start a medical journey with a patient and follow it through and to be able to provide support and advocate for our amazing nursing team!

What is the one thing you could not go without on a daily basis?

What is your favourite cuisine?
Anything Italian – Especially homemade pasta

What is the most interesting place you have visited?
Too many to choose from! I love to travel and had my “walk about” in the northern hemisphere for a few years. Rome was especially incredible, and Scotland because it is where I got engaged.

If you were not a Senior Nurse, what would you be?
If I wasn’t a Nurse, I would pursue a career as a historian. I love history, in all shapes and forms, from art to architecture and beyond.

What advice do you have for someone who aspires to a leadership role?
Give it your all! Learn all you can from the positive and negatives of the job and from your peers. Be approachable, a problem solver and always strive for the best, whether it be advocating for your patients, staff or the company.